Web Hosting 101: cPanel Servers

CPanel is a software application that helps webhost administrators of all levels host multiple websites and servers from one machine.  Everyone from hobbyists to professional web-design firms and DNS resellers benefit from cPanel. With cPanel’s webhost administrators can effortlessly perform a wide range of tasks including password-restriction, marketing analytics and maintenance of large email and domain-name account databases. 

What is cPanel?
CPanel is a user-friendly interface for webhosting.  CPanel is a control panel with simple icons and organized and easy-to-use page-layout. With cPanel webhost administrators effortlessly negotiate complicated webhosting tasks with little or no technical knowledge.  Webhosting with cPanel does not require an understanding of programming languages or operating system details. 

Advanced webhost administrators also benefit from cPanel. Webhosting with cPanel permits administrators to choose the amount of technical control that they have over their servers and sites. Moreover, cPanel eliminates tedious and mundane programming tasks.  As a result, seasoned, professional webhost administrators then can use their time to improve other aspects of their websites.  Therein, cPanel contributes to an overall increase in web sites’ functionality. 

CPanel is compatible with most operating systems including Linux and Microsoft Windows, servers like Apache and supports popular scripting and markup languages such as PHP and HTML.

CPanel and Professional Webhosting

CPanel is great for professional webhosting.  With cPanel, webhost administrators garner high returns on surprisingly low investments.

Webmasters can get the advantages of with cPanel. Dedicated servers yield professional sites with unique domain names.  CPanel’s virtual dedicated servers enable multiple servers to run from one machine.  As a result, cPanel minimizes overhead and maximizes ROI for web hosts and resellers. 

CPanel’s analytics tools are useful for resellers. CPanel makes it easy to organize and monitor ROIs on the resale of domain-name and e-mail accounts with its user-friendly functions. CPanel facilitates changes in ownership, suspension and termination of domain-name and e-mail accounts. CPanel allows resellers to monitor their sites’ usage statistics and IP addresses to accurately project future ROIs.

CPanel’s usability goes beyond attractive organization. With cPanel, novice webhost administrators can easily perform complicated management tasks.  For example, cPanel is a user-friendly interface for PHP scripting language.  PHP is a scripting language used by many professional webhost administrators and programmers to produce interactive website features.  PHP is useful for web hosting because it embeds into HTML and is compatible with most operating systems.  Therein, cPanel enables lesser-skilled webhost administrators to benefit from PHP. 

Finally, cPanel is commited to website security and minimizing server-downtime. CPanel automatically scans systems for, and alerts webhost managers of, technology shortcomings. CPanel allows webhost administrators to choose to install updates manually.  Otherwise, cPanel automatically installs any necessary updates. Web hosts can protect their sites by limiting access to restricted areas with cPanel. Login names are secure and quickly generated with cPanel’s easy to use step-by-step control panel. 

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